Digital Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

Gone are the days when you sought out legal advisory firms by visiting them across the street . Over the years every business ought to get a digital recognition to sustain their position in the market and get the valuable attention of the audience , be it commercial sectors , public or even a personal .But now the digital visibility is regarded much to an extent that you wont be considered as effective or potential firm if you do not falls onto your targeted reader screen . And to do so we have some strategic outcomes that would encourage you in making the most Customers against your services . 

There is no doubt over the fact that you are among the group of people who are eager to know the secret sauce of maintaining a presence online , but to your surprise it’s nothing crucial as it sounds , although it’s a convenient approach to gain a valuable online recognition .All it demands a great hand on some core values and policies which further allows you to design the strategies that best suits those values , and moreover give you a prominent recognition in the law market . 

Do remember that owning a law firm is way more risky than having your name on any other industry. The reason  for such a consideration is quite clear as it has the chance to be investigated or verified on grounds of authenticity and legalization . And if you are slightly off the tracks , gear up yourself for witnessing hefty damages as you have been witnessed making violations to core rules  . Online business websites have their own criteria of judgement; they are not liable to be presented in court on account to prove their verdict. They would rather analyze the authenticity of the claim and would take action accordingly . 

With the above mentioned criteria if you are keen in giving your law firm a digital recognition we have come up with some potential digital marketing strategies that would best compliment the nature of your law firm among the audience and might even increase your website ranking in the Search engines .

1. Search Engine Optimization

Making sure your website ranks on Google is vital, even for a law firm. The #1 way of ranking your website is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are two types of SEO; On-Page and Off-Page. This includes creating a keyword-rich title, meta description, and content.

There are many factors to SEO, but it’s best to hire a professional who knows what they are doing.

2. Blogs

Blogs are great for your website rankings, especially if you are using SEO. You can use the blogs to attract traffic to your site and add content.

The best blog site for Law firms is WordPress, as it has a variety of SEO plugins which you can use. You can hire a professional or record videos yourself and write blog posts about them. If you make videos, make sure you optimize them through Meta Data and SEO settings in the video editor. This helps with SEO and will also act as a content marketing strategy, helping to attract traffic through Google searches.

3. Videos

Videos are great for your website. Video Marketing is becoming more popular, so it’s important to update your site with videos.Videos can be made for numerous reasons, such as showing how a product works or just simply talking about the law and what you do.If you create videos, optimize them by adding Meta Data and making sure they are listed on Google Video through Google Webmaster Tools. Listing your videos will increase the chance of them ranking on YouTube.Videos are also great for conversions, as people love video content, and you can use your videos to answer questions that potential clients have about your law firm.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are growing every day! It’s important to take advantage of this, especially if you want to attract new clients. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to your advantage by adding business pages for your law firm. This will help with SEO as people post links on social media all the time, increasing the number of backlinks coming to your site, which improves your Google rankings. It’s also great for branding; if you make multiple business pages and brand them, people will recognize your name when they look you up on Google.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies for law firms because it helps with branding, SEO and also helps convert visitors into leads. There are many ways in which you can go about content marketing, such as creating a blog or hiring someone to create a video for you. Content marketing is essentially providing information through blogs or videos that your clients want, will be interested in, and will help them solve their problems. You can write blogs yourself or record videos yourself. If you add the Meta Data and add it to Google Webmaster Tools, your content will rank on Google, which is great for branding and traffic.

You can also buy famous quotes from Twitter accounts to use in your blogs or videos, which will attract even more visitors because of the social signals they provide.

6. Digital PR

You can market your law firm through press releases. If you are great at creating videos, you could create a video about the news story and release it to the media. Digital Press Release (PR) is becoming more popular these days as news outlets like Tribuna boast daily updates on their sites. Digital PR works by reaching out to local or national news outlets and asking them to write about your law firm, giving them details of the story you want to be written. Many law firms are using this digital marketing strategy as it can attract new clients who are looking for legal advice on the story you got published. For example, if you create a video discussing how an old man was seriously injured in a car accident, news outlets may be interested in that story.

7. Email Marketing

Even though everyone uses email these days, it is one of the best digital marketing strategies for law firms. People are using their phones to check emails on the go, which is perfect for you if you have an app or mobile responsive website so they can access your site right away. To get started with email marketing, you will need to collect client’s emails. There are many ways in which you can do this, and they all work well:

  • Sign up forms at the bottom of every blog post or video
  • Quizzes which pop up and ask for an email when finished
  • Partner with a company to email their clients

8. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is quickly growing as more people have mobile phones and tablets throughout the world. It would be wise for you to try mobile marketing if you haven’t already. You can use your website on your phone or create an app so people can easily contact you through your website.

You should also focus on having a mobile responsive website that converts well for mobile users. If you have an app, always update it so people can download the latest version. You can use push notifications for advertising new blog posts or videos, great for getting traffic!

9. Email Retargeting

Email retargeting is becoming more popular as people are using ad blockers less often. You can easily retarget people who have visited your website and then navigate away from it. As you’re probably aware, Google AdWords is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies for law firms that provide pop-ups on different websites such as YouTube or Twitter. If someone navigates away from Google and then visits a different site, they will be presented with adverts for Google.

This is so effective as people who have visited your website recently can easily click on the advert and access your website again. 

10. Video Marketing

Another popular digital marketing strategy for law firms is video marketing which you should definitely consider using to help grow your business. If you have a website or app, you could add a video section where people can find useful videos about your industry and what services you offer.